Stephanie Ewen

Stephanie Ewen

Co-Founder, President

Stephanie does a lot of music-related things around town. No one is quite sure what all those things are, but they are seemingly Very Important. (ahem: The Dick & Jane Project, Melanincholy Festival.) On an average day you can find Stephanie cooking food with friends, riding her bike between meetings, providing an in-depth analysis of all the bangers on the latest 2 Chainz album, and insisting that people dance more at shows.

Austin Nill

Austin Nill

Co-Founder, Outreach Coordinator

Austin is a person and he lives in Columbus. He has v beautiful hair. And also a beard. He hits things with drumsticks. Mostly they are drums. He is in every band, we think. He’s a nihilist at least two or three days a week and he eats pizza. And he doesn’t like cops.

Alexander Sandidge

Alexander Sandidge

Event Liaison

Alex is our Event Liaison and our resident sad song enthusiast. He is a poet and also a musician in the band The Turbos. He also writes for Columbus based digital magazine called " In The Record Store." You can find Alex at just about any live show on the weekends or at Kafe Kerouac during the week for #coffeehangz or an open mic night where you'll come to know him as "T-Shirt." Please Ask.

Abby Jeffers

Abby Jeffers

Junior Outreach Coordinator

As a self-proclaimed amateur coffee enthusiast and dog lover, Abby is typically at The Roosevelt with her younger sister or at the dog park with her family's two pups, Ginger and Joanna – named for Joanna Newsom, of course. She also runs a music blog for two, combining her two favorite things: writing and music. In the fall, Abby will be a senior in high school and can usually be found trying to convince her classmates to support smaller musicians. She's a co-editor-in-chief at her school's newspaper, spends many of her free periods sitting in the back row of music theory classes that she doesn't take, and is an avid supporter of the Oxford Comma.





Touring Band Host Network

The Touring Band Host Network is our way of helping to connect touring and out of town bands with our local musicians. Incoming acts can contact Tiny House Music Collective to see if they can find a local musician or band to stay with while they’re in town. We’re hoping that the personal relationships the bands develop from hosting incoming bands will foster better connections between Columbus musicians and their peers in other cities.

Interested in becoming a host or are you a touring band that needs a place to stay? Learn more more about the host network.


Round Table Discussions

The Tiny House round table discussions are meant to encourage musicians and community members to share their knowledge and resources. Each discussion will be based on a topic such as licensing, promotion, booking tours, finding a manager, etc. At each discussion there will be at least one discussion leader who has extensive experience with the topic. These discussions are meant to be informal and informative. Check our events page for upcoming round tables.




musicologie 27.24.14 musicologie 621x150 happy bigger beak


Musicologie provides simply delightful music lessons in Columbus, Ohio. Founded by musicians and veteran music teachers Joseph and Kay Barker, Musicologie is a boutique musical experience, offering lessons in everything from piano to pan flute, drums to double bass.

Why we love them:

Musicologie is a business made up entirely of local musicians. They are consistently out in the community working with other music organizations (ACPA, Brothers Drake, Music Loves Ohio, etc.), whether it means putting on events, creating music, or building music studios. They also offer limited music lesson scholarships for low income students and families.



DANK stands for Dope Ass Negro Kids. DANK is an Afrocentric arts collective that features poets, musicians, visual artists, and more. Through events and community partnerships, DANK strives to build a stronger community in the DIY scene as well as the music community at large.

Why we love them:

DANK gives a voice to many artists and musicians who are often overlooked in the larger music scene. They were instrumental in the creation of Melanincholy Festival and partnered with us to create our Hip Hop Happy Hour series. You can always count on a DANK showcase to be part education, part activism, part out of body experience.



Become a Partner

Would you like to be one of Tiny House’s community partners? Email us at for more information!