Touring Band Host Network

Touring Band Host Network

What is the Touring Band Host Network?

The Touring Band Host Network is our way of helping to connect touring and out of town bands with our local musicians. Incoming acts can contact Tiny House Music Collective to see if they can find a local musician or band to stay with while they’re in town. We’re hoping that the personal relationships the bands develop from hosting incoming bands will foster better connections between Columbus musicians and their peers in other cities.

How do I get a host through Tiny House?

It’s easy to get a host through Tiny House! with your name, the amount of people you will need a host for and the date that you will need to be hosted. From here we will contact our hosts and if someone is available to help, we will put you in touch. It is up to the band and host to finalize details (e.g. When they arrive, where they are sleeping, when they are expected to leave, house rules, and so on.)

What does hosting entail?

This is where the experience will differ for everyone. At the bare minimum, hosting entails providing a safe (socially, physically, mentally, sonically) space for a visiting band to crash at the end of the day. Anything beyond that is up to you! We’re trying to provide a way for you to connect with some musicians that you’ve never met before, so how much you do to support the bands beyond some space to sleep is up to you; the sky is the limit.

How do I become a host?

All you have to do to become a host is fill out the form on this page and we’ll be in touch shortly after that to work out details!

How much does this cost?

Nothing; this is a free service.


Tiny House Music Collective is not liable for any issues that arise between hosts and bands. We are simply putting you in touch with one another, and are not responsible for what takes place after that. We highly recommend that bands contact their hosts before they arrive in Columbus to work out the details of their stay. Remember to be respectful of the hosts and their space; these kind people are welcoming you into their homes. If even a single complaint is filed against you, you will be barred from using the host network in the future.

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